InBody Composition Analysis

Break your weight down into muscle, fat, and body water.
Learn how to make positive health changes that matter.

Learn how measuring several components of your body composition can help you set personal health and fitness goals.  How strong is your body and how do you maintain strength as you age?  How is your percentage of body fat affecting your well being?  Is healthy weight loss something you are interested in?  Is improving lean body mass part of your goal in weight loss?  We can assess your current fitness status, assist in setting specific and measurable goals, aid in motivating change and increasing your accountability by giving you an accurate guide to body composition.

A simple number on the scale is misleading and not the only indicator of health.  The InBody Scale is the best available technology in the health industry for effective, reliable and accurate body composition testing.

Beyond the Scale

What is an InBody Scale?

The InBody 570 is a non-invasive, state-of-the-art medical grade device that measures the different components of your body mass including your lean muscle mass, body fat percentage, visceral fat level, and your intracellular and extracellular water content. These results can give you a more complete picture of the inner workings of your body.

How does it work?

The InBody 570 uses bioelectric impedance analysis by sending safe, low-level electrical currents through your body via hand and foot electrodes. The machine measures impedance of the current as it travels through body and from there your body composition is derived. This type of measurement is very quick and highly accurate, taking only 45 seconds to complete a full body analysis with 98% accuracy. No estimations, no pinching, no dunking, no discomfort.

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