Sand Point Neighborhood Pharmacy

Serving the Community for Good Health

Katterman’s Pharmacy has been part of Seattle’s Laurelhurst, Windermere and Sand Point neighborhoods since 1965. Serving the community for good health has been our pharmacy’s motto since 1965 and we continue to strive to meet that goal. Offering new services, products and health information is our way of helping Seattle residents and visitors make good choices for their health.

Katterman’s offers routine and travel immunizations. Travel consults, by appointment, and travel accessories for domestic travel and international travel are available for travelers of all ages. Come see us.

Katterman’s pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy, including compounded pet prescriptions.

Katterman’s offers health care needs such as compression hose, cast covers, wound supplies and canes.

Katterman’s offers a variety of gifts for all occasions and ages. Come see us.